I've been to New Zealand for 4 weeks, and put up a page in dutch with all my whereabouts, experiences and photo's. Click here to view the page (will open in a new window).
Almost a year! I shoud be ashamed of myself. And not that much to update :) I put a couple of pictures in the work, and in the in progress area's. Hope you like them.
And finaly I found my username again so I can upload the stuff I am currently working on. My Work in progress gallery slowly grows, but it grows. Now just finish enough stuff so I can put more in my finished gallery as well. Althou I have added the demon I was working on. He was finished.
Slowly there is comming more work in progress on this site. Besides some chick that will never be finished. I am working on a demon for a contest on the Gathering of Tweakers forum right now. It is the most finished project I have worked on ever already, and I ain't planning on stopping yet.

Finally I continued where I left of last time because of minor annoyances.
I have completed all the galleries in the 'about me' section. The guestbook works again. And I have made an attempt to put is some stuff in the 'work' section. But it's getting waaaay to late (3:33 am). So I am going to bed.

Damnit, broke my collarbone last weekend. Updating will be slow, as is my typing. I will be walking in a sling frour around 7 weeks.
Muahahaha, here it is, the layout has changed, and I think I will stick to it for a while. Altho I don't like it myself anymore, because I have seen it too much already :)